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Winter Foundation Repair

If you’re experiencing creaking walls, swollen door jambs, stuck windows, and cupboards that won’t stay closed, odds are you’re having some foundation problems. The really bad part is that if your home isn’t properly anchored with a solid foundation, the damage will only get worse. Luckily, US Foundation Repair is currently offering a $200 off foundation repair coupon so you can get all of your winter foundation repair and installations out of the way early. Continue reading

Lifetime Transferable Foundation Warranty Houston

US Foundation Repair in Houston offers our customers a lifetime transferable foundation warranty, and we guarantee that every job is overseen by owner Bill Boehlert from start to finish. Our company prides itself on working closely with homeowners to not only accurately assess any foundation issues but to repair these issues using the Mega Piling System, a foundation repair system that keeps your home structurally sound, and our pricing model keeps foundation repair costs down. Continue reading

Foundation Inspection, Houston

As Katy and other surrounding areas in Houston start to heat up, spring cleaning shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind when it comes to the health of your home. Inspecting your home’s foundation should be top-of-mind especially during this time of year when rain showers expand and contract the clay soil that’s unique to this area (and can ultimately cause the shifting and destabilizing of your foundation). Continue reading

Foundation Failure Fixes

The signs are subtle and can go completely unnoticed for a long time. The kitchen drawers start to stick regardless of WD-40 sessions, and cracks start to meander up to the ceiling from the edges of your door frame. Oh, my home’s just getting its wrinkles, you might say in a dismissive laugh. However, the above are signs of a failing foundation, and it’s best to catch the settlement problem before repair costs go through your roof, no pun intended. At U.S. Foundation Houston, we have the customer service and proven techniques to inspect and repair any homeowner’s slab-on-grade foundation. Continue reading

Spring Foundation Repair

Spring symbolizes the perfect time of year to embark on new remodeling adventures for your home like painting, adding custom, built-in shelving and maybe you’re finally going to install that bedroom fireplace. Before you get crafty, it’s important to know that we’re still in a moderate drought here in the Houston area, and inspecting your slab-including its current health –could be crucial when it comes to saving money on spring home foundation repair. Continue reading