Foundation Crack Repair, Houston

When you have a foundation crack that needs to be repaired, call on US Foundation Repair. We have twenty-three years of professional experience in house leveling and can ensure your home will be as good as new in no time!

Crack Repair and Free Faulty Foundation Inspections

When your home’s foundation is faulty, the rest of the house begins to follow suit. This is evident in the signs and symptoms of foundation failure, most of which are found in the interior of your home. For example, if you spot diagonal cracks in the interior wall that end at the corners of doors and windows or at the intersection of walls and ceilings, you may have settling in your foundation. Windows and doors should always open and shut properly and your foundation floors should be level and not rise or sink in any area. Also check for cracks in the concrete foundation’s perimeter beam and for any separations of wood trim at the exterior corners of your home above the brick. If you notice any of these signs, be sure to contact US Foundation Repair for a free inspection and analysis.

Foundation Crack Repair Process

If you’ve noticed the signs of faulty foundation throughout your home, then calling US Foundation Repair to inspect your property for free is your best bet. Our company can accurately assess your foundation to verify if your house needs leveling or not. We’ll then decide how many piers are necessary to level your foundation and create a placement diagram. We’ll describe the system we’ll use to fix your foundation (the Mega Piling System) and describe how the Mega Piling Piers will be constructed and installed. Finally, we’ll cover the logistical details letting you know approximately how many days it will take to repair your foundation and when the first available date to begin your foundation repair will be. And lastly, we’ll provide you with the total cost to repair your foundation using our $200 off foundation repair coupon!

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Repairing your foundation is crucial to keeping your home in great condition. Call US Foundation Repair today at 713-988-9099 for your free foundation inspection!