Foundation Failure Fixes

The signs are subtle and can go completely unnoticed for a long time. The kitchen drawers start to stick regardless of WD-40 sessions, and cracks start to meander up to the ceiling from the edges of your door frame. Oh, my home’s just getting its wrinkles, you might say in a dismissive laugh. However, the above are signs of a failing foundation, and it’s best to catch the settlement problem before repair costs go through your roof, no pun intended. At U.S. Foundation Houston, we have the customer service and proven techniques to inspect and repair any homeowner’s slab-on-grade foundation.

What should you be looking for?

It’s not that signs of a failing foundation are hard to point out, it’s just that homeowners rarely think to check up on the health of it as the years float by. You can actually conduct your own foundation health check up while searching for the following signs and performing these simple tasks:

  • If you have a level, check the exterior of your home to see if your foundation is straight. If the foundation protrudes beyond the wall, this might be a sign of settlement. You could have soil levels that are expanding and contracting too frequently.
  • The exterior bricks shouldn’t have any cracks or large separations
  • Inside, your windows, drawers and doors should open and close with ease. Any sticking or jamming in the frames can be a sign of a sinking or rising foundation.
  • Also check for diagonal cracks on the interior walls at the corners of doors and windows.

Our foundation failure fixes

If we conduct one of our inspections and we find that your home’s in trouble, we mobilize our Mega-Piling system to get your foundation back on track. Our system uses pre-cast concrete cylinders that are installed and pressed to reach a stable point in the soil.

West Houston Foundation Inspections

If you’ve seen the creeping signs of foundation failure or even if you’re not sure, contact US Foundation today and we’ll educate you on foundation failure fixes.