Spring Foundation Repair

Spring symbolizes the perfect time of year to embark on new remodeling adventures for your home like painting, adding custom, built-in shelving and maybe you’re finally going to install that bedroom fireplace. Before you get crafty, it’s important to know that we’re still in a moderate drought here in the Houston area, and inspecting your slab-including its current health –could be crucial when it comes to saving money on spring home foundation repair.

In the Houston area thus far, we’re 2 inches in the red when it comes to rainfall. Therefore, we’re considered to be in a moderate drought, and now is the perfect time to get your foundations fixed before beginning any new remodeling projects. Why? If you spend money on repairs and upgrades to your home then suddenly find that your foundation is failing, repairing it causes cosmetic damage to the home. Thus, your money should have been spent after your foundation fix. In fact, your foundation should be the first priority if you suspect doors sticking and you see visible cracks in the home’s sheet rock.

Just how a chiropractor tells patients that pain is the last sign of a problem, the hidden effects of a drought often go unseen until cracks on the interior and exterior of your home become visible. Therefore, it’s possible to take preventative measures to save your home’s slab.

If we get that hoped-for rainfall, it’s important to install proper drainage on your home to prevent damage. Cleaning out or installing gutters around the house can help the damaging effect of downpours that provide too much moisture in too short of time. Soil can drain and erode away from your foundation, causing it to shift.

If our moderate drought escalates, it’s a good idea to install soil soakers that periodically water the clay material under your foundation to keep it from fluctuating and causing your foundation to heave upward, or sink in your floors.

Regardless of the spring we’re going to have in Houston, it’s a great idea to stay on top of the situation before you remodel or before you have to spend a wallet full to repair your foundation. Visit our site for more information and to schedule a free inspection for Houston-area homeowners.