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Cracking walls are a sign of foundation damage

3 Signs of Foundation Problems

Foundation problems are a huge concern for a home. Whether you’re considering the purchase of a home or interesting in maintaining your own, spotting the signs of foundation issues can allow you to take action before the problem becomes even more severe. Many foundation problems can be repaired, and the sooner that these are addressed the more likely you’ll be to save money. There are 3 major signs to look out for in a home that can indicate that there are lingering foundation concerns.

Sticking Windows

If windows tend to stick when you attempt to open or close them, this could be a sign that the foundation is not level. Similarly, a window that won’t close completely is also a sign of trouble. This is usually the result of a frame becoming warped as a home shifts on an uneven foundation. The track of the window will no longer be straight, or the panes may no longer line up evenly.


Not all cracks are a cause for concern, but certain areas may dictate an uneven foundation. Look for cracks along the wall, especially near doors and windows. The joint where the wall meets the ceiling is also a particular area to monitor, as an unbalanced load on the wall may cause the sheetrock to crack. Cracked molding around the ceiling can also be an indicator of a shifting foundation, as the strain on the molding increases.

Jamming Doors

Doors that are difficult to open or close fully, or that refuse to latch completely are a sign of foundation troubles. These problems can often develop gradually, but you should take action as soon as you suspect that a door is becoming more difficult to open or close than previously.
If you’ve spotted any of these signs in a potential home, don’t panic. Foundations can be repaired, but you’ll need to know the extent of the damage and what is needed to fix it. Consulting with experienced foundation repair professionals is the most effective way to analyze whether a home has foundation damage and what steps can be taken to correct any issues.

Lifetime Transferable Foundation Warranty Houston

US Foundation Repair in Houston offers our customers a lifetime transferable foundation warranty, and we guarantee that every job is overseen by owner Bill Boehlert from start to finish. Our company prides itself on working closely with homeowners to not only accurately assess any foundation issues but to repair these issues using the Mega Piling System, a foundation repair system that keeps your home structurally sound, and our pricing model keeps foundation repair costs down. Continue reading

Foundation Inspection, Houston

As Katy and other surrounding areas in Houston start to heat up, spring cleaning shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind when it comes to the health of your home. Inspecting your home’s foundation should be top-of-mind especially during this time of year when rain showers expand and contract the clay soil that’s unique to this area (and can ultimately cause the shifting and destabilizing of your foundation). Continue reading

Spring Foundation Inspections, Houston

U.S. Foundation Repair offers free spring foundation inspections Houston

In the past two weeks, much-needed rainstorms have passed over the drought-stricken Houston area, and now our lawns, trees and gardens are coming to life. Although the showers aren’t enough to cause the serious soil shifting and expansion that’s unique to our area, there are still signs to watch for and steps to take to prevent serious foundation failure in your home, whether we experience drought conditions or have an extremely green spring. Continue reading