Why Flooding Damages Concrete Foundations

Whenever it rains in Houston, you can expect some flooding. With last summer’s historic rainfall, we can only be hopeful this upcoming summer will be less damaging to the city overall. US Foundation has provided reasons why flooding damages your slab foundation.


Minot, N.D. levee builders along the west side of Broadway. Flooded homes can be seen on the flood side of the flood levee as the water rises. The original target height of the flood levee can be seen marked in blue on the pole. The flood levee work being done along Broadway in Minot is in hopes of keeping the main arterial road open that connects north Minot to south Minot. (DoD photo by Senior Master Sgt. David H. Lipp) (Released)


How to Recognize Flooding

While heavy floods may be obvious, it’s more important to take into account damages your flooring may experience due to flooding.


These are elements you should be sure to examine:


  • Humidity in the air of any and all rooms
  • Droplets of condensation on your floor, walls, and pipes
  • Cracks in the wall
  • Mold and mildew fumes
  • Discoloration or rot on your floor, rug, columns, and walls
  • Rust, mold, and rot on other surfaces
  • White powdery substances on floorboards and wall corners


Why Flooding Can Cause Major Damage to Your Foundation

The impact of rapidly moving waters causes the most damage during floods. The flood water pushes the sides of your home, weakening your house’s structure and at times separating it from your home’s foundation.


Additionally, flooding penetrates deep into ground, which causes severe damage. Foundation pilings that aren’t penetrating load bearing strata can move, break, and shift due to flooding, thus causing foundational and structural damage to your home.


With floods like what we experiences during the summer of 2015, debris, toxins, and other harmful chemicals can be brought into the flood and cause additional damage to your home. Electric circuits, floorboards, and piping within or beneath your foundation can be damaged to the point of replacement.


In order to repair these problems, or to consult about ways to prepare for flooding in the coming months, contact us and request a free inspection to make sure your foundation will be protected.