Foundation Inspection, Houston

As Katy and other surrounding areas in Houston start to heat up, spring cleaning shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind when it comes to the health of your home. Inspecting your home’s foundation should be top-of-mind especially during this time of year when rain showers expand and contract the clay soil that’s unique to this area (and can ultimately cause the shifting and destabilizing of your foundation).

What to look for before you call:

What happens on many occasions is that homeowners don’t know to recognize the signs, subtle or rather in your face, of a failing foundation. These indicators can both be on the interior or exterior of your home and can include:

  • Cracks below the siding or brick along the perimeter of your home
  • Wood trim separation at exterior corners of your home, above the brick
  • Ill-fitting doors and windows
  • Diagonal cracks on an interior wall at the corners of doors and windows. Also look for cracks at the intersection of walls, ceilings and in the corners.

How We Can Help:

At U.S. Foundation repair, we utilize the Mega Piling System that hydraulically pushes your slab to load-bearing strength via solid, concrete cylinders. Before we determine this exact pier position for leveling, however, we’ll provide you with a free estimate that concludes if you have a foundation problem in the first place, how many piers will be necessary, a complete description of our process, how long it will take and finally, the total cost to repair it.

Foundation inspection and free estimate:

It’s important to catch a foundation issue as quickly as possible to save you money on restoring it to a load-bearing weight. If you periodically check the health of your foundation, you can head off any impending problems. However, if you’ve noticed any cracks, shifting or round fruit rolling when dropped on the floor, don’t hesitate to contact us for a foundation inspection and a free estimate.