House Leveling Services, Houston

Wall cracks are often a tell tale sign of foundation issues that need to be repaired. US Foundation Repair offers house leveling services to Houston area residents who are experiencing settling in their concrete foundation.

Be Familiar with Signs of Foundation Failure

Soil in the Houston is expansive, having the unique property of expanding when moist and shrinking when dry. When it expands, it can produce enough lift to raise a two story house by more than twelve inches and when moisture evaporates from the soil, the foundation can drop by twelve inches or more. And if there’s a tree growing nearby the house, its root system can remove 100 to 600 gallons of water a day from the soil, intensifying the shrinking.

If you’re wondering if you’re foundation is in need of repair, there are a few ways to tell for sure. Wall cracks, like previously mentioned, signify foundation damage but cracks might also be found at the intersections of walls and ceilings. Doors and windows should be able to open and shut correctly and there should not be any rising or sinking in the foundation floors.

Free Foundation Inspections

Before we even start the job, we’ll assess your foundation problem for free and determine the best solution for your home. We’ll decide how many Mega Piling Piers are necessary to level your foundation and show you a placement diagram. We’ll discuss how the Mega Piling Piers are constructed and installed and how many days it will take to repair your foundation. We’ll give you the earliest time we can start your repair and will let you know the total cost.

The first day of your foundation repair, we’ll determine the exact pier positioning and prepare the piers for installation. Once the cylinders are driven one on top of another, we’ll construct the pre-cast block piers and prepare the home for foundation leveling. Your home will be leveled utilizing carbide steel shims.  Once your home is back to its original horizontal position, we’ll clean up the exterior of the house, making it virtually impossible for anyone to know your foundation has been repaired.

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Our foundation repair techniques will structurally repair your house, keeping your property in great shape. Call us at 713-988-9099 and request a free inspection today!