BBB Foundation Company

Your search for the top foundation repair in Houston will be over once you hire US Foundation Repair! Our company is dedicated to inspecting your foundation problem free of charge and offering you an effective solution to properly level your home. A proud and outstanding member of the BBB, you’ll know you’re getting the best service available.

Free Foundation Inspections:

US Foundation Repair simplifies the foundation leveling process and makes sure you’re fully informed every step of the way. Once we’ve thoroughly inspected your property, we’ll let you know the severity of your foundation problem and discuss the Mega Piling System we’ll use to level your home. We’ll give you an in depth description on how the Mega Piling Piers are constructed and installed and provide you with a placement diagram. We’ll then talk about the project’s logistics including how many days the project will take, the first available date to begin the leveling, and the total cost of your foundation repair which takes into consideration our $200 off foundation repair coupon – a great savings! Our goal at US Foundation Repair is to maintain a constant line of communication with our customers, and that’s why our owner, Bill Boelhert, is the only person you work with during this entire process.

Home Foundation Repair and Leveling:

Our house leveling process will begin upon arrival on our first day when we determine the exact pier positioning and prepare the Mega Piling Piers for installation. We’ll then drive cylinders one on top of another using the weight of your home and hydraulic press. The pre-cast piers are then constructed and the home is prepared for foundation leveling and then leveled utilizing the carbide steel shims as close as possible to its original horizontal position. Once we’ve completed the project, we’ll be sure to clean up the exterior of the home, making it virtually impossible to tell your home as been leveled!

BBB Foundation Company

Top Foundation Repair in Houston is at US Foundation Repair! Contact us today at 713-988-9099 and receive your free quote!