Winter Foundation Damage Prevention Tips

We all know that the winter time in Houston is especially hard on our health, as well as our foundation! Here at US Foundation Repair, we have a few helpful tips on how to maintain foundation damage prevention during the wintertime, to ensure that your foundation takes the least amount of damage as possible.

Tips for Foundation Damage Prevention during the Winter Freeze

Five helpful tips to keep your foundation secure include:

  1. Water your lawn for 10 minutes a day, every other day. The cold air will dry out the ground, which is extremely hard on your foundation. It’s important to water your lawn and keep your soil moist, but be careful how much you sprinkle on there; too much water could dampen the foundation and ruin it as well, not to mention water prevention is a top priority for Houstonians during the summer months.
  2.  Be sure the foundation and at least 2 feet of the surrounding soil get watered evenly. Water that isn’t dispersed evenly can cause differences in the soil moisture, causing the house to shift.
  3. Make sure that decorative foliage and beautiful landscapes get watered with the proper amount. Plant and Flower beds can soak up water necessary for the soil, causing damages to the foundation as well. Even if the leaves on your plants are dying, it’s important to get nutrients and water to the roots.
  4. Plant foliage in the soil near the foundation. This can keep the soil from retracting away from the foundation, preventing structural damage.
  5.  Run your air conditioning/heating unit on a cycle instead of constantly. Doing this keeps condensation from forming around your A/C machine. The water caused by this can not only damage your ceiling, but seep into your house’s foundational structure as well and cause the house to shift (depending on where your A/C is located).

 Signs of Foundation Trouble

Be sure to always be one step ahead when it comes to foundation trouble. Some signs that your foundation may be taking a beating from the cold weather could include cracks in the walls of your house, windows separating from the home and becoming harder to close, doors becoming difficult to shut, and large gaps between the home and the ground next to it. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call US! Don’t be afraid to call anytime, and take advantage of our free foundation inspections all over the Houston area! And remember–these signs are apparent and happen during the summer season and times of extreme heat too, so always keep an eye out!

Give us a Call!

These foundation damage prevention tips can help save you and your house from falling victim to extraneous damage to your foundation during the winter cold, but for your home to be completely sound, its foundation has to be in good repair. If you’re experiencing issues like cracks in your concrete foundation’s perimeter beam or exterior bricks having noticeable cracks or separation, you might need to have your foundation inspected. Call US Foundation Repair at 713-988-9099 and we’ll inspect your foundation – for free!