Pooled water can damage concrete

Protecting Your Home’s Foundation from Rain

Water is the biggest threat to your home’s foundation, as it can erode its integrity and cause serious problems. Areas that see a lot of rain will need to take special care to protect their foundations from rainwater that can pool dangerously, especially during May through October, the months that typically get more rain.

Taking some preventative steps can protect your home and your investment in it, reducing the need for expensive repairs. The most important goal is to keep rainwater from gathering and stagnating near your home’s base, where it can gradually damage the foundation each time it rains.

Ways to Prevent Water Damage to a Foundation

Slant the soil around your home, so that it slopes downward away from the house. Water that slopes toward the house or is flat can channel water to the base of the home. An area of at least 5 feet around the home should be sloped for maximum benefit.

Installing gutter extenders can direct the water from your gutters away from the base of the home, where it can pool and seep into the foundation area. This inexpensive option is a simple addition that can significantly reduce the water damage to your home’s foundation over time.

Regularly cleaning out gutters will keep them well maintained. If they clog too badly, they can direct water directly to the base of your home, where it stand to cause the most damage. The simple task of clearing them will reduce the likelihood of any costly or extensive repairs.

Storm drains can also keep rainwater flowing to more beneficial areas, such as the garden, rather than the base of the home. These can be installed underneath the surface of the soil and surrounded by gravel to prevent solid items from entering. Keeping these clear of debris is also important to prevent any leaks or pooling that can cause even more damage to the foundation.

Precautions like these can preserve your home’s foundation, preventing damages that can be severe in areas that receive heavy rainfall. Spending a small amount of time and money now can keep you from spending thousands later on to repair extensive damage to your home.