Slab Cracks, Houston

Cracks in your concrete slab are a sign of devastating foundation damage. US Foundation Repair can expertly fix your foundation, repairing the cracks in the concrete and leveling your house to its former stature.

Signs of Foundation Failure and Slab Cracks

There are a number of signs of foundation failure that can help you make the decision to call US Foundation Repair for your free inspection. Signs like diagonal slab cracks, or diagonal cracks in the interior wall that end at the corners of doors and windows and cracks at the intersections of walls and ceilings tell homeowners it’s time to have their foundations assessed. You can also test your windows to see if they open and close properly and check to make sure the exterior bricks don’t have noticeable cracks or separation. Cracks in the concrete foundation perimeter beam are a tell tale sign of needed foundation repair, as is separations of wood trim at the exterior corners of your home above the brick. Lastly, check for separations of the brick and the adjacent wood surfaces at the sides of garage doors and at the sides of your chimney.

We Repair Slab Cracks and Faulty Foundations

Repairing your foundation with the Mega Piling System will level out your home and restore it structurally. On day one of your repair, we’ll determine the exact positions of the Mega Piling Piers and prepare them for installation. Cylinders are then driven one on top of another using the weight of the home and hydraulic press. Once installed and pressed to reach stable soil, the pre-cast block piers are then constructed and the home is prepared for foundation leveling. The home is leveled as close as possible to its original horizontal position utilizing the carbide steel shims. Once your foundation repair is complete, we clean up the exterior of the home and the landscaping to make it virtually impossible to know your foundation has been repaired.

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US Foundation Repair in Houston is proud to offer free foundation inspections, transferable lifetime warranties and quality workmanship by the owner himself, Bill Boehlert. Call us today at 713-988-9099 to request your free foundation inspection. And don’t forget about our $200 off foundation repair coupon!