Foundation Problems, Houston

Foundation problems in the Houston area are often due to the expansive soil in the area that’s been known to shrink and expand six inches depending on moisture levels. This range in movement increases the chance for foundation problems, and more often than not, the only solution is to hire a professional and knowledgeable company like US Foundation Repair to solve the issue.

Free Foundation Inspections

Knowing whether or not you have a foundation problem is as simple as looking out for signs such as diagonal cracks in the interior wall that end at the corners of doors and windows. If your doors and windows don’t open and close properly, you could be dealing with a foundation issue, or if your foundation floors aren’t level and happen to rise or sink in any area, you might need to call an expert like US Foundation Repair to check it out. Be sure to check for cracks in the concrete foundation perimeter beam outside of your home as well as for any separations of wood trim at the exterior corners of your home. Lastly, check for separations of the brick and the adjacent wood surfaces at the sides of garage doors or at the sides of the chimney.

Leveling and Repair to fix your Foundation Problems

US Foundation Repair relies on the Mega Piling System to completely level your home and fix your foundation problems. We start by determining pier positioning and preparing the Mega Piling Piers for installation. Cylinders are then driven one on top of another using the weight of the home and a hydraulic press. Pre-cast block piers are then constructed and the home is leveled using carbide steel shims. Once your foundation has been repaired, we clean up the exterior area so that no one will even know you’ve had your home leveled!

Give us a Call!

US Foundation Repair offers our customers professional foundation leveling services in the Houston area. If you think your house needs to be leveled, contact us as at 713-988-9099 and request your free inspection today!