Foundation Repair, Missouri City

Looking for a quality foundation repair company to level your Missouri City Home? Look no further than US Foundation Repair! Our owner, Bill Boelhert will work with you one on one to ensure your home is as good as new!Free Foundation Inspection:

Foundation repair for your Missouri City home is top of the line with US Foundation Repair. We offer our customers a free foundation inspection to immediately diagnose foundation issues so we can get to the root of the problem. There are a number of signs associated with foundation damage like diagonal cracks in the interior wall that end at the corners of doors and windows, as well as cracks at the intersection of walls and ceilings. Other telltale signs of foundation damage include doors that bind and won’t open and close properly, as well as windows that are difficult to shut. As for the exterior of your property, separation of the brick and the adjacent wood surfaces at the sides of the garage doors and at the sides of the chimney are also signs of foundation failure. If your home is experiencing any of these conditions, be sure to contact US Foundation Repair as soon as possible for your free foundation inspection!

Home Foundation Repair:

Once we’ve inspected your property and if we happen to find reason to level your foundation, we’ll start by preparing the Mega Piling Piers and driving the cylinders on top of one another using the weight of the home and a hydraulic press. We’ll then construct the pre-cast piers and level the home using the carbide steel shims. When we’re finished, we’ll clean up the exterior of your home and make it virtually impossible for anyone to tell that it’s been leveled!

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When you need the best in the foundation repair business to accurately level your foundation, be sure to contact US Foundation Repair at 713-988-9099 and we’ll set up your free foundation inspection!