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US Foundation Repair takes pride in working with Houston residents and assisting them with their foundation repair needs. That’s why we’re the best foundation repair company in the city–because we work diligently and expertly to make sure your foundation is always perfectly repaired!

Free Foundation Estimates:

We’ve been in the foundation repair business since 1989 so you know we only offer our customers top of the line foundation repair. We’re accustomed to the Houston environment and most notably, the expansive Houston soil that has been known to seriously damage the foundations of area homes. The soil in our city is known for its range of movement, shrinking when dry and expanding when moist. When the dry clay soil in our area absorbs moisture and expands, it can produce enough lift to raise a two story house by two inches! Conversely, if the moisture evaporates, that same foundation can drop by twelve inches or more! Fortunately as a top foundation repair company, US Foundation Repair can accurately assess any damage to your foundation in case of any changes in your soil.

Home Foundation Repair:

A superior foundation repair company should always have a foolproof way to evaluate any potential damage to your foundation, and at US Foundation Repair, you’ll find our foolproof evaluation plan does just that! During our complete analysis, we’ll determine if you do in fact have a concrete foundation problem as well as how many piers are necessary to level your foundation. We’ll even create a diagram to show you exactly where we’ll place the piers. After giving you a description of how the Mega Piling Piers are constructed and installed we’ll talk about logistics like the number of days it will take to repair your foundation, when the first available date to begin your foundation will be and the total cost of your foundation repair. With our thorough analysis, you’ll be sure to have a leveled foundation in no time!

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