Basement Foundation Repair, Houston

US Foundation Repair specializes in repairing basement foundations in the Houston area and levels your foundation using the Mega Piling System. Our owner, Bill Boelhert, works on your foundation project personally, and will not only stay communicative throughout the entire process, but personally ensures that your house is perfectly restored.

Free Foundation Inspections:

Signs of needed foundation repair are often found in the basement foundation itself, specifically the concrete foundation perimeter beam at the exterior of the home, but they can also be found elsewhere. Diagonal cracks in interior walls, for instance, especially ones that end at the corners of doors and windows are a tell tale sign as well as cracks that appear at the intersection of walls and ceilings. To check for foundation failure, you can also make sure your doors and windows open and close properly and that your foundation floors should be level and not rise or sink in any area. The exterior bricks should not have noticeable cracks or separation. Neither should there be any separation in the wood trim at the interior corners of your home above the brick. Lastly, check for separations of the brick and the adjacent wood surfaces at the sides of garage doors or at the sides of the chimney. Any of these signs warrants a visit from US Foundation Repair so call us for your free consultation!

Basement Foundation Repairs:

After your free consultation, we’ll determine if your basement foundation problems are indeed signs of a real issue. If so, we’ll discuss with you how many piers necessary it would take to level your foundation and a placement diagram of said piers. We’ll describe how the Mega Piling piers are constructed and installed and approximately how many days it will take to repair your foundation. We’ll then talk about scheduling and decide on the first available date to begin your foundation repair. And, of course, we’ll let you know the total cost of the repair after we deduct $200 from the price with our foundation repair coupon!

Give us a Call!

If you need your foundation repaired, be sure to call US Foundation Repair at 713-988-9099 and request your free inspection!